Photo from UNIAN, Oleksiy Ivanov

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has congratulated women on International Women's Day.

The president posted a corresponding address on Facebook.

"Dream, create, inspire, and be inspired, achieve your goals, change the world, and remain beautiful at the same time. Happy International Women's Day! Happy March 8!" he wrote.

Zelenskiy noted that this is a celebration of women's victory over inequality and injustice, victory over dark times when women's rights were limited, as well as victory over the false stereotype that women are the "weaker gender."

"Today, our women and girls defend Ukraine at the front line, repel COVID-19, fly planes and drive trains, serve in the police, teach children, make scientific discoveries, and conquer mountain peaks. They are equally successful in parliament and in the most famous world stages, in government, and in the planet's largest sports arenas. As for us, we hold the door open for you, offer you a helping hand or a seat on public transport not because you're weak. It's because in this way we become a little better," the head of state wrote.

"Without you, we are just biological material. With you, we're human beings and individuals," Zelensky added.