Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Children's Day should be marked on each day of people's lives rather than just once a year, on June 1.

"On this day, I'd like to separately thank everyone who works with children. These are teachers and social workers, children's doctors, human rights activists and psychologists, philanthropists and philanthropists, children's artists, writers, musicians, animators, and many others. I'm sure that Children's Day is not only June 1. It should be marked on each day of our lives," he wrote on Facebook on June 1.

"'You are the most gifted!', 'You are the smartest and most beautiful!', 'You can do anything!', and 'You are my pride!' I'm sure that these words are much more important for any child than those routine 'Did you do your homework?', 'Stop dreaming', and 'Put on that hat.' We often say: 'Children are our future.' But are we, adults, doing enough for our future?" he added.

The president is convinced that the fundamental right of every child, which must be secured and protected, is the "right to a happy childhood." "After all, this refers not only children's education and health, safety and development, leisure and recreation. These are children's joyful eyes. This is a child's smile. These are pleasant memories of the best period in life," he said.

The head of state also urged Ukrainians to become "superheroes" for their children. "And this doesn't require anyone to fly or walk through walls. Our superpowers can be decency and honesty, respect and tolerance, kind words, and good deeds. Find as much time as possible for children. Make their dreams come true. Sometimes it's that simple. Listen to them. Sometimes it is so important to just hold them tight and say, 'I love you.' Sometimes this is the most important thing," the president emphasized.

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Zelensky noted that today, unfortunately, there are many children deprived of parental care, children with special educational needs. According to him, the state should be a source of care and guardianship for them, as well as a defender and benefactor.

UNIAN memo. International Children's Day is celebrated annually on June 1. It was founded by a decision of the session of the Council of the International Democratic Federation of Women, which took place in November 1949 in Paris. For the first time, International Children's Day was celebrated in 1950 in 51 countries of the world. The UN supported this initiative and declared the protection of children's rights, life and health as one of priorities of its activities. It has been celebrated in Ukraine annually since June 1, 1998.