Goalkeeper Oleksander Shovkovskiy commented on the Dynamo victory over Kryvbas, and voiced the team’s complaints to its fans, according to Dynamo Kyiv FC official web site.

“I would like not to comment on the match, but to focus on another issue. Our fans are really good and unbiased. They clearly set out their demands to Dynamo players, and even come to the stadium to support us, if we are not lucky in matches from time to time.

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We are grateful to them for this! But there is an aspect that I, being the team’s captain, cannot miss. We are a single unit. When I say “we”, I mean, first of all, the team. And I want to claim on behalf of all the players. We are confident that if fans neglect one player, they neglect the whole team. As of today, as a sign of protest against the views, expressed by fans at tribunes, in particular, against our player Vladislav Vashchuk, we did not come to thank our fans after the match. It was a form of protest. We do not have any other means to express our stance. The players cannot force fans to do that, but we can express our attitude to such moves. I believe there must not be any defending or praising for individual players. I reiterate that, in this case, I express the stance of the whole team”, Shovkovskiy claimed.