The incident between the players and fans of “Dynamo Kyiv” FC was commented on by its main hero – Vladyslav Vashchuk. Namely he suffered from a “savage criticism” of fans, as a result of which, after the victory over Kryvbas, Dynamo players turned backs upon their fans and left for changing rooms.

The team expressed a corporate spirit, and began to defend Vashchuk, 33, who was badgered since the first time of the match by some fans, who began to scream in megaphones “Vashchuk – Judas”.

The football player himself cannot understand why fans cannot forgive him his transfer to “Spartak” in the year 2003.

“I do not understand anything”, Vashchuk said to Blik daily. “What exactly did I do that they began to “throw mud” at me?” The aggressive yells against the player, who devoted more than 20 years of his life to Dynamo, are not understandable to the team coaches as well. “Ovchinnikov asked me what happened. When I said that, probably, they still cannot forgive me that I transferred to “Spartak”, he was very surprised, because it happened a long time ago”, V.Vashchuk said to newspaper