AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi insists he would welcome back Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko with open arms, according to Itv Sport (UK).

The Ukraine striker has struggled to establish himself at Stamford Bridge since moving to England from Milan in 2006 and the player has been linked with a return to the San Siro in the Summer.

Shevchenko`s move away from Milan was partly down to wanting stability for his children and for them to grow up speaking English.

And Berlusconi, who believes Shevchenko wants to return to the San Siro, claims he feels no bitterness towards the 31-year-old.

"We had to bow to a decision that his wife felt was essential for the good of their children," Berlusconi told Sky Italia. "Therefore I went along with it.

"Now things have changed, he wants to return.

"Among the fans there is a certain tension between those who would want him and those who instead say that he betrayed Milan.

"He didn`t betray Milan: a man always has his family as a focal point of his affections, therefore I understood that Sheva had to take that decision.

"I have remained on close terms with him and to that end I gave him the privilege of taking a house near mine in Antigua, and it`s even taller than mine.

"I think that if he returns we should welcome him not just with open arms but with arms as far open as they can go.

"I am one of the main supporters of the idea of his return."

Shevchenko spent seven years with Milan and was the club`s second all-time leading goalscorer when he left for London.