Shakhtar FC president Rinat Akhmetov dreams of his windows being broken by fans. He said this to journalists at the building ground of a new stadium for Shakhtar FC in Donetsk, before the visit of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, according to “Zhyzn” Donetsk newspaper of April 22.

Asked what aim he sets to the team in the new season of the Champions League, Akhmetov said: “I want us to loose in the very first round… I once said what I wanted. If we lost, as, for instance, in the match with “Benfica”, I would like that after the match thousands of our fans arrive to my house and begin to broke windows”.

Asked whether this is real, Shakhtar president said: “But I want it! As well as I want that, in case if we win, hundreds of thousands, millions of fans, said “thank you”.

“The only thing that I do not want, is indifference”, R.Akhmetov said.