UEFA is positive about Poland and uncertain about Ukraine’s progress in the preparations for Euro 2012, according to Polskie Radio.

“The news from Poland is good,” UEFA Spokesman William Gaillard has told Austrian business daily Wirtschaftsblatt, commenting on the dubiousness regarding a timely implementation of the infrastructure investments for the forthcoming European Football Championship in Poland in Ukraine, as reported by the Radio Information Agency (IAR).

 Inspections carried out by UEFA in Poland and Ukraine in recent months show that while Poland is making headway in its preparations for the prestigious football event, Ukraine still gives the Football Association reasons for concern.

 William Gaillard said Ukraine had failed to deliver on its promises, for example, regarding the construction of new hotels.  He said Kiev should do more to open up the Ukrainian market in order to attract private investors, but expressed uncertainty if it would manage to do so.

 UEFA Spokesman said his Association wanted the Euro 2012 event to be a success, therefore UEFA would demonstrate a degree of flexibility, such as consenting to having one country host the matches in five and the other in three cities.

 “One thing is sure: we shall not compromise on the overall quality of the championships”, Gaillard has the Austrian newspaper.