Hryhoriy Surkis, president of the Football Federation of Ukraine, assured EUFA president Michael Platini that the suspension of works on demolishing “Troyitskiy” trading center in front of Olimpiyskiy stadium “was no comedy” and was connected with some technical problems.

H.Surkis claimed this at a session of the FFU Executive Committee on Wednesday.

In addition, H.Surkis expressed his opinion about the recent visit of the UEFA president in Kyiv: “The UEFA delegation, having met with the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, got persuaded that EURO-2012 is a national priority for us. The top state figures guaranteed that the obligations, undertaken by Ukraine, will be fulfilled”, the FFU head stressed. “Certain steps of the Ukrainian powers, made after the Platini’s visit, indicate their desire to achieve the necessary rhythm of work. For instance, at last, works began at Olimpiyski stadium”, he said.

“However, by coincidence, after M.Platini left Ukraine, the works on demolishing Troyitskiy trading center stopped”, H.Surkis said. – “Several days ago I met with Mr.Michael, and he asked me whether it was a kind of comedy or what? But I assured him that there merely were some technical problems”.

Meanwhile, according to H.Surkis, experts have being expressing concerns about the state of preparation of airports, other transport and infrastructures to EURO-2012. “Nevertheless, I believe Ukraine will cope with these issues. The most important is that the regions, which will host EURO-2012 matches, will be able to make independent steps”, he pointed out.