The Ukraine welcomes Chinese companies to participate in the preparation work for the 2012 European Cup, said Natalia Boitsun, Ukraine`s Vice Minister of Economy, on Thursday during her visit in China, according to Xinhua.

    "Currently the Ukraine is stepping up its preparation for the event and it needs to build and restore much infrastructure, including stadia, hotels, roads and airports," said Boitsun at a forum on investment projects for the football event, adding that it would be a good opportunity for Chinese companies to bid for.

    According to her, the budget for the event is 26.12 billion U.S. dollars, among which 19.13 billion will rely on investments.

    She said the preparation work for the Olympics proved the power of Chinese technicians and Chinese companies would be welcome to join in various projects for the European Cup.

    An international forum on the infrastructure and investments for the 2012 Europe Cup would be held in the country`s capital Kyiv between October 7 and 10, she added.

    The 2012 European Cup will be jointly held by Ukraine and Poland. The two countries won the hosting rights in April, 2007.