President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Hryhoriy Surkis answered questions of UNIAN.

- Last week, speaking at “Svoboda Savika Shustera” [a TV-program - UNIAN] you seemed to be one of those few in this country who really bothered about preparation to Euro-2012. Has the situation changed since that time?

 Thank you for good words. I’m pleased that you noticed my desire to hold Euro-2012 in our country… It would not be normal if a country planning to become a EU member will not make use of all the advantages of this championship.

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Actually, I even do not want to discuss it… For me, there is no such question – whether we will do or not. I’m ready to discuss only the level, whether [it will be equal] to Austria and Switzerland. But it is not sufficient as well. The global world is developing very quickly, and UEFA demands to countries-hosts of football championships are changing also. We must be even more exacting to ourselves, and keep on perfecting our skills in the process of preparation to the tournament.

To achieve that goal, all institutions, beginning from the President, Prime Minister, parliament, must show their interest, professionalism and patriotism in concrete actions. But, in no case should they show indifference. Lately I have been having doubts whether Surkis did everything in time, for the championship took place at the Ukrainian territory.

Please, tell me, do I personally need the tournament? Or is this grandiose event necessary, first of all, for the state? The championship allows to really feel ourselves a united nation, able to implement an ambitious humanitarian project before the very eyes of the world community. It will become a source of the authority, respect, and reputation of Ukraine as a state.

In my opinion, very positive is the fact that authorities have reconsidered the situation, and have drawn up proper conclusions.

The recent visit of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to Poland has indicated the keen desire of the two Prime Ministers, two governments, to work together, helping each other solve problems. We have two countries, but one team, working in unison to fulfill tasks of Euro-2012.

-  Polish mass media, during and after the visit of Yulia Tymoshenko, wrote that their side is preparing to Euro-2012 in full swing, while Ukraine is lagging behind…

- Well, let Polish mass media to show at least one finished stadium at their territory… While we will shortly finish two stadiums in Dniprotrovsk this year, and in Donetsk – next year. The same will take place in Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv. I’m confident that shortly we will open a super-modern reconstructed “Olimpiyski” stadium.

But it is not a reproach at our Polish colleagues. I understand that every institution has its own function in a modern society. In particular, some independent Polish mass media give their interpretation of the process of preparation to the tournament. It is their right…

The most important is that we see now all movements of Ukrainian powers beginning to smoothly fit into the necessary parameters of UEFA demands, transforming from paper projects into concrete actions.

UEFA is a very pragmatic organization, carrying out its own analysis of developments in Poland and Ukraine. Only UEFA, basing on its knowledge and experience, may decide today whether we really coincide with the schedule that clearly sets out stages of preparation to Euro-2012…