A Taiwanese architecture firm said on Saturday it may seek at least US$1 million in damages from the Ukrainian government for scrapping a contract to remodel a Kyiv stadium to host the Euro 2012 football tournament, according to Taipei Times.

“We are still seeking to win back the contract. If the effort fails, we do not rule out suing the Ukrainian government for damages, which should be a minimum of US$1 million,” Archasia Design Group president Eric Hsu said.

Hsu said Taiwan’s representative at the WTO had raised the issue with Ukraine’s WTO representative.

Archasia has also sought China’s help to stop Ukraine from awarding the contract to a German firm. Archasia has signed up the China Metallurgical Group Corp to carry out the renovation of the Kiev Olympic Stadium.

“We heard that China State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office is taking the issue seriously and has been contacting Ukraine since June,” he told reporters.

Archasia is seeking China’s help in settling the issue because Taiwan does not have diplomatic ties with Ukraine, and China does.

Archasia has already filed a lawsuit with a Kyiv court against the Ukrainian sports ministry for canceling the contract.

On April 16, Archasia beat 18 contestants to win the bid to renovate the Olympic Stadium for Euro 2012, to be cohosted by Ukraine and Poland.

Taipei Times