Poland is keen to see Chinese firms bid on constructions project slated for the UEFA Euro 2012 football championships after witnessing China`s success in organising the Olympic Games in Beijing.

`They have enormous experience in this area and the sports facilities they built prove it,` Poland`s Minister of Sport Miroslaw Drzewicki said after returning to Warsaw from the Olympics this week.

Accompanied by Interior Minister Grzegorz Schetyna, Drzewicki said their trip was designed to highlight the Polish government`s `enormous interest` in Chinese construction and engineering firms bidding on contracts for the construction of stadia and other large-scale infrastructure projects for Euro 2012.

`If their bids are better than those of the Belgians or the French, they will win the tenders and realise the investments,` Mr Drzewicki said.

He said a delegation of Chinese companies are slated to visit Poland in mid-September to learn about Poland`s building plans for Euro 2012. A member of the European Union since 2004, Poland will co-host the event with non-EU eastern neighbour Ukraine.

Poland is in dire need of new highways, other transport infrastructures as well as world-class football stadia.

Construction plans call for the national stadium in Warsaw to have a capacity of 55,000 fans, a price tag of 1.2 billion zlotys (S$740 million) and be completed by mid-2011.

UEFA president Michel Platini recently gave a thumbs up to Poland`s preparations for the 2012 European football championships, but was not so positive about Ukraine following a recent trip.

Mr Platini will present a political and technical report on the two countries` preparations to UEFA`s executive committee located in Bordeaux, France, expected on September 24 or 25. The committee is to make a final decision whether Poland and Ukraine will indeed host the play-offs.

AFP via Straits Times