Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk backed his sports minister on Friday in a row with UEFA and FIFA over the appointment of an administrator for the Polish FA, saying the official should stay in place.

"I will support (Sports) Minister (Miroslaw) Drzewiecki in this matter," Tusk said in his first public comment on the issue, which threatens Poland`s participation in World Cup qualifiers and their co-hosting of Euro 2012.

"Sometimes a tough stand is needed and this can be costly. I am sure Minister Drzewiecki will not dismiss the administrator," he told reporters.

"Polish soccer cannot be healed (with such a dismissal). And why do we need qualifiers that we will lose anyway if Polish football doesn`t change?"

Poland`s arbitration tribunal suspended the FA (PZPN) board and named an administrator on Monday after Drzewiecki filed a motion saying it violated the law in a number of cases.

World body FIFA, whose statues forbid government intervention in football affairs, said on Wednesday that Poland must reinstate the PZNP by Oct. 6 or risk being suspended from this month`s qualifiers against Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The situation also puts in jeopardy Poland`s joint hosting of UEFA`s 2012 European Championship finals with neighbours Ukraine.

Reuters via Guardian