Illya Shevlyak has been appointed as head of the Coordination Bureau of Ukraine for Preparation to Hosting European Football Championship. The government has dismissed him from the post of the top Deputy Minister for Family, Youth, and Sports, and appointed as deputy Minister of Cabinet of Ministers.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivan Vasyunyk claimed this to a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

“The Bureau will number 50 people, and will be formed out the staff of the governmental secretariat”, I.Vasyunyk said.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that the government also established an institute of national coordinators of different spheres within frames of preparing to hosting Euro-2012. According to him, the status of national coordinators will be given to top deputy Ministers or deputy Ministers, who supervise Euro-2012 preparation issues at their Ministries.

“With the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, today they established 17 national coordinators for issues of transport infrastructure, in particular, airports, highways, sports infrastructure, hotels network, etc.”, I.Vasyunyk said.

The Deputy Prime Minister also informed that the government made decision to create the Coordination Bureau and to wipe out the National Agency for Preparation to Hosting Euro-2012 basing on remarks of UEFA concerning the inefficiency of the Ukrainian structures for preparing to the tournament.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the National Agency was limited in its functions.