As UNIAN reported earlier, Kyiv “Dynamo” failed to local “Arsenal”  in London with the score 1:0 yesterday during the group tournament of the Championship League.

“Dynamo” ‘s advisor Yuri Syomin, who lost Oleksandr Aliev because of the red card, found kind words for his team, though complained of lack of experience.

“I suppose that I can express it with several words: we do not have an experience. We stated getting tired at the end. There were some episodes, from which we could not press maximum. The game was equal in some way and our football players acted well, but at the end only the result is taken into account. And in the case of failure the coach is guilty as a rule. The important thing is that “Arsenal” won, the result is fixed and it can not be changed. The players were ready for this match, did their  tasks well and held of chosen strategy. I can not demand more from them”, official UEFA websitequotes Y. Syomin.