Uefa president Michel Platini has rejected calls for an EU-appointed `super-regulator` to oversee sport, BBC reported.

Platini said he is against government intervention in sport but wants more transparency in how football is run, particularly where debt is concerned.

European ministers are in Biarritz to discuss the new plans, which have also met opposition from the Premier League.

"I don`t want to interfere in the league of every country," Platini told the BBC.

European sports ministers are discussing proposals put forward by the French presidency of the European Union, that would see domestic governing bodies lose control over financial regulation, transfer policy and the training of young players.

Platini admitted the finances of certain clubs could be in better condition, but added: "I don`t want to interfere in the Ukraine, Spanish, Italian, French, or English league competitions.

"We will try to find a good solution to say how we can have more transparency and more regulatory in the competition."

Following recent criticism of Premier League clubs concerning the influx of foreign owners and players, Platini denied the downfall of top-flight English football was on his agenda.

"I am not an enemy. There are no secret meetings with me and the French authorities," he added.

"If I see Mr Sarkozy [French President], it is only for the specifics on the autonomy of the sport.

"I am the president of 53 football associations and I try to do my best for European football in legal matters."

BBC Sports