Bad weather forced Greek football side Olympiakos to make an unscheduled landing and an unplanned 500-kilometre journey by bus ahead of a UEFA Cup match on Wednesday, Korrespondent magazine reported Tuesday, according to DPA. The Athens club had been en route to the city Kharkiv to play Metalist when fog closed in on the east Ukrainian city`s airport.

Olympiakos players and staff landed at the main airport of the Ukrainian capital Kiev in the early afternoon and, after delays, continued on to Kharkiv by hired bus.

The unplanned road trip forced a rescheduling of an Olympiakos training session from the afternoon to early evening, a Metalist team spokesman said.

Road conditions were normal in east Ukraine on Tuesday. The Kiev-Kharkiv road is one of Ukraine`s better highways, not up to European standards but nonetheless relatively well-maintained.

Metalist are on four points, one point ahead of Olympiakos in Group B, led by Galatasaray on six points.