Poland and Ukraine will present a report on Wednesday to a meeting of UEFA officials on the state of preparations for co-hosting the Euro 2012 championships, according to Warsaw Business Journal. According to the co-host countries, everything`s on schedule

Poland`s Minister of Sports and Tourism, Mirosław Drzewiecki along with Polish football league (PZPN) President Grzegorz Lato traveled to Ukraine yesterday returning satisfied with the way the preparations are coming along.

Minister Drzewiecki confirmed that preparations are going according to plan adding that the key element to successfully hosting the event is the building of the main stadiums in Warsaw and Kiev.

"The stadium in Warsaw is being built. We`re even ahead of schedule," said Drzewiecki. "Preparations in other areas are also going according to plan." He added that the Olympic Stadium in Kiev is also being built, despite difficult conditions.

Preparations in Poland and Ukraine have been criticized by UEFA president Michel Platini. Former UEFA president Lennart Johansson has also expressed his disappointment in the way Poland and Ukraine are preparing for the soccer championship.

"When we were granting you the right to organize Euro 2012, I was convinced that you are able to do it, that it will be a great success. We all believed that it is possible to organize a good tournament in the Eastern Europe." he said.

According to Johansson, UEFA has been promoting soccer in Eastern Europe for some time now, assigning "unthinkable amount" of money for this purpose, which makes the former UEFA president even more disappointed.

Warsaw Business Journal