Polish Minister of Sports Mirosław Drzewiecki today outlines a programme of cost-cutting measures in view of the economic crisis.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Waldemar Pawlak earlier made it clear that budget cuts would preparations for the Euro 2012 football championship to be jointly hosted with Ukraine. In his opinion, infrastructure projects would be carried out regardless of the event. Polish Market chief analyst Jan Sosna notes that substantial support from the private sector for the development of infrastructure is needed to meet the deadline.

Andrzej Arendarski, head of the Polish chamber of Commerce is quoted as saying by the IAR that the need to economise will leave Poland with essential investment projects. Andrzej Sadowski of the Adam Smith Centre told IAR that faulty legal regulations, not budget cuts or the economic crisis, are to blame for the lack of road infrastructure.

IAR reports that the Business Centre Club submitted a report to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk calling for the creation of a special team to alleviate the legal and administrative restrictions hindering the construction of roads. This week BCC is to present a set of relevant proposals to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

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