Metallist FC has issued an official address to its fans. The address reads as follows:

“Dear fans! Metallist football club has been thoroughly collaborating with you, providing you with support in organizing visits, preparing banners, and was an intermediary in your dialog with law-enforcement structures.

We refused Berkut [special police department], minimized number of police at stadiums, introduce a steward service at matches, and, to put it simply, went to meet all your wishes.

In your turn, you did not give any worthy response, you continue to use prohibited pyrotechnical devices in sectors.

In particular, during the match with Dnipro, a huge number of mentioned-above devices was used, which directly threatened the life and health of viewers and match participants.

Besides, the club will face fines, and the fact of systematic rough violations of FIFA and UEFA regulations will badly influence the city’s image considering the upcoming Euro-2012.

Metallist FC decisively protests against hooliganism and interrupts any collaboration with representatives of the fan-movement, which trespass legal limits… In case if you, dear fans, do not draw any conclusions from the situation, and do not make steps to secure order during football matches, the club will have to stop collaboration with all fans, and will begin its own investigation to find the initiators of disorders”.