Ukraine head coach Oleksiy Mykhaylychenko is confident that his men will succeed in finishing second in UEFA World Cup qualifying Group 6, according to

They currently sit third, but they will climb to second spot if they record victories in their final two matches against England and Andorra.

"We`re approaching an extremely tough match and we shouldn`t comfort ourselves with the fact our opponents have already done their job in the group," Mykhaylychenko explained to UEFA`s official website when pondering the forthcoming England clash.

"I know the British a bit. They only play for victory, so on Saturday we have to rely on ourselves, especially if we`re aiming to get a decent result at the World Cup. The England match will be a great test for our lads and I`m not ruling out possible debuts.

"In this qualifying campaign we have lost only once, in England, where we conceded late on. It would have been tough to win there, but we could have avoided defeat. We won`t rush forward in gung-ho style in Dnipropetrovsk. Only an intelligent approach from the whole team will bring us the result we need.

"The whole country is up for this match. Each one of the players feels this atmosphere through talking to their friends and relatives. Every person who has met and recognised me in the street in the last few weeks just wished me luck. People understand and feel the level of responsibility that sits on me and my team."

By Stefan Coerts,