Rugby Sevens and golf have both been accepted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for inclusion in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, according to UK Net Guide.

The decision, which required a simple majority vote for each sport at the IOC Congress in Copenhagen, will mean a massive jump in sponsorship opportunities for Rugby Sevens, which is keen to further expand its growing fanbase.

And golf, although seen by many as too elitist a sport to be included in the Games, was also accepted after receiving the green light from the executive board in the summer.

The proposed formats for the two sports will see a 72-hole strokeplay competition for men and women in golf, with 60 players in each field.

Rugby Sevens is expected to see 12 men`s teams and 12 women`s teams competing in intertwined round-robin tournaments, although in the presentation to the IOC the sport`s organisers suggested this number could be increased depending on various logistical issues.

Rugby Sevens easily received the required majority, polling 81 votes of a possible 106 from the committee with just eight in opposition and one abstention, while golf received 63 `yes` votes, 27 `no` votes and two abstentions.

International Rugby Board (IRB) president Bernard Lapasset, who made the final presentation to the IOC at the Bella Centre, said the sport "embraces loyal and fair play incorporating partnerships and team-work and would work successfully in amongst the Olympic family".

And Ty Votaw of the PGA Tour, who led his sport`s final presentation, said: "We presented a very compelling case for our sport to be included.

"We have had unprecedented, unified support across the entire golfing world."

The decision means the top professional golfers will now have the opportunity to compete for an Olympic medal in the same way as their professional tennis counterparts.