“I am happy that Ukraine and Poland have been honored to host the European football championship in 2012”, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said, addressing Ukrainians today, according to the President`s press-office.

      “I am grateful to the UEFA Executive Committee for its decision. All citizens of Ukraine are rejoicing at this wonderful event”, he said, adding: “We would like to say the words of respect to our worthy rivals, who we esteem as our close and reliable partners. We sincerely and hospitably dedicate Euro 2012 to the united Europe so that the joy of football should belong to all European nations.”

      The President noted: “Together with our Polish brothers, Ukraine is inviting European football, our guests and friends to our home. We reassure you that our countries are ready to host the championship and will spare no effort to make it unforgettable and full of fair rivalry, joyful emotions, friendship and cordiality. The Euro 2012 finals will make us better known in the world and help our capabilities grow. I believe that there will be more such victories for the sake of our common European success. I congratulate Ukraine on this important achievement and hope that our victory will be another stimulus to unity, peace and understanding.”