Preparations for hosting the 2012 European Football Championship in Ukraine has secured Ukraine’s infrastructural leap and forms new possibilities for country’s economic development in the future, Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov has said in comments to the Information Centre Ukraine-2012, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

“We have formed not only all necessary infrastructure for hosting Euro-2012 teams and guests, but we have also improved living conditions of Ukrainians and numerous guests of our country.   It will be much more comfortable to come to Ukraine after 2012 and to travel within the country: by are, by motor transport and by railway. Ukraine previously simply had not got a possibility to host a large number of guests. Though it was not a direct task of preparations for the tournament, Euro make great impact at the development of tourism in the country,” Borys Kolesnikov noted.

He has also noted that country’s new objects, stadiums and airports, are due to bring profits to the country in the future. He has also reminded that direct allocations in preparations for Euro equal some 700-800 million dollars. “This sum comprises the cost of stadiums in Kyiv and Lviv that were necessary to meet UEFA requirements to Ukraine. Private business fully assumed preparation of hotel infrastructure. All other state expenses related to roads and transport preparation and to improving the level of services in the country are not directly related to the tournament. Ukrainians will be the ones to use these objects for some more decades,” the vice prime minister emphasized.

Information Centre Ukraine-2012