Borys Kolesnikov launched the 3D-simulator "Hyundai" on Friday, 23 March, at the Darnytsya train station in Kyiv during the solemn opening ceremony to unveil the training centre to train drivers of «Hyundai Rotem» trains, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012. The event was attended by Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov, Ukrainian Railways CEO Volodymyr Kozak and the head of South-West railway Oleksiy Krivopishin.

In a renovated building a special simulator has been erected, which is a copy of the dual-system "Hyundai" electric train, arranged hardware and classrooms for the training of drivers, rest rooms for locomotive crews who are being trained.  "Surely you agree that the simulator for train drivers is more like aviation technology. I think that over time the railway will surely compete with aircraft. In fact, the Euro has given us a good boost to the modernization of the infrastructure should have been started 25 years ago", said Borys Kolesnikov.

The simulator simulates traffic conditions which are as close to reality as can be. A model of a real electric car which is 3.3 metres high and 3.25 long, has all the controls - controllers, switches and control systems. In this way, drivers will gain experience of new rolling stock for Ukraine.

"The simulator is extremely accessible, and with its help even someone who is not an expert can easily learn to manage the train within several weeks. During the development of the simulator data was configured into its settings about the real state of the railway line, speed and traffic conditions, and the logic control simulator reproduces the logic of controlling a real train", Hyundai company representative Chi Sen In told reporters.

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