Ukraine has created a kind of miracle by completing the entire infrastructure for Euro-2012, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012. Despite the fact that three years ago there was a significant backlog in the schedules to the Euro, the country has managed to catch them up, and successfully completed the construction of key infrastructure and sports facilities of the soccer championship.

This is what Tos Anonuevo, the secretary of the Internationale of construction workers and woodworkers, said in comments to the Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

He is impressed by the pace of construction and beauty of the main stadium for Euro-2012 – the NSC Olympic. "I visited the NSC on 27 April. At the time it was a very, very large construction site. And yesterday I saw this wonderful beautiful stadium, which is 100% ready", Tos Anonuevo said. He added that the organization he represents is proud of their Ukrainian counterparts, builders, who have managed to build infrastructure facilities in such a short time. This has helped Ukraine in the preparation of stadiums, airports to Euro-2012 in time and in line with the latest European standards.

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