The cost of accommodation prices in Ukrainian hotels offered to guests of the future Euro-2012 will stabilize by the end of April. Vice Prime Minister and Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov is convinced of this, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

He said the Government of Ukraine is holding negotiations with hoteliers.  "Since we released hoteliers from income tax five years ago, we have every reason to demand a definition of a corridor of reasonable prices from hotels. We understand the reasons for raising prices. On the one hand greed breeds poverty, but we are explaining to owners of hotels that even for a Western tourist value should be sensible. We are opening up the sky for Euro fans and it turns out that it is cheaper to fly charter flights from Paris to Donetsk than to live here. If hotels do not give in and not reduce prices, they will lose all profits. I am convinced that the situation will stabilize by the end of April", said the Vice Prime Minister during a meeting with journalists of leading French publications who are in Ukraine for a study visit on the eve of Euro-2012. 

Boris Kolesnikov stressed that most fans of the future championship are the same ordinary people - factory workers, the energy sector, managers – just like in Ukraine, and are unable to pay for accommodation, as for VIP-hotels.

He urged fans not to panic and not to agree to what speculators are offering. "In my opinion, the level of prices should be the same as in Austria and Switzerland four years ago when prices rose by 50-100%. The situation must be resolved", the Prime Minister said. He added that the hotel issue will be discussed during a sitting of UEFA’s Oversight Council in Lviv on 12 April.

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