All tickets to the final part of the 2012 European Football Championship have been sold, UEFA Operations Director Martin Kallen has said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Gazette) newspaper, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

 According to him, the Ukrainian-Polish tournament has broken all records in terms of interest in purchasing entry passes to the football matches, and the number of applications alone submitted for them was in excess of 12 million! “There will be no vacant places at any Euro-2012 arena. There are figures that testify that all the tickets to the championship have been sold. We can get off this subject and move to the football itself. This championship will become symbolic. We have never encountered such interest in the Euro during the entire history of European football,” the football functionary noted.

He said that the most active fans during the ticketing campaign were those from the two host countries, England, the Netherlands and Sweden, and they have got most of the entry passes to the matches of the future continental tournament. The UEFA operations director has also emphasized that the European Football Association is intentionally delaying sending out the tickets, which will have several levels of protection against counterfeiting.

"The official presentation will take place simultaneously in Kyiv and Warsaw on 23 April. The new tickets will have several levels of protection - more than five, and we will start the targeted distribution for fans very soon after 10 May, and everyone who bought tickets will receive them by mail. I assure you that this way all fans will be guaranteed to receive their tickets to the tournament, and those swindlers who want to profit from fake tickets are hardly likely to  have the time to create something similar in such a short time", Martin Kallen explained.

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