On 9 April the second batch of nine-carriage dual-system «Hyundai Rotem» high-speed trains arrived at the Odesa Commercial Sea Port (OCSP), according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012. The trains will connect the host cities of the coming 2012 continental championship.

 As reported by the press service of the OCSP, the unloading of new trains was delayed due to strong winds and only started the next day, as work involving such dimensions and massive cargo was out of the question.

After unloading the land of all 18 wagons, the trains will be sent to motor carriage depot station Odesa-Zastava-1, where specialists of Southern Railways will prepare them for further transportation to Kharkiv.

A reminder that the first two Hyundai trains arrived in Ukraine in mid-March, and the fifth and sixth will be received at Odesa port in early May of this year. All six trains will be running by 1 June, 2012.

Information Centre Ukraine-2012 - ukraine2012.gov.ua web-site