Ukraine and Poland have exceeded expectations in their preparations for the 2012 UEFA European Championship finals, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

Despite numerous problems, especially the impact of the global financial crisis, both countries have achieved a high level of readiness for Euro-2012. This is what UEFA President Michel Platini said during a press conference in Warsaw on the occasion of the launch of the continental championship.

He said the organization of the tournament was a huge challenge for Ukraine, Poland and UEFA. "From the time when Poland and Ukraine got the right to host the tournament more than five years have passed - and during that time UEFA and the host countries have come a long way. There was a big challenge ahead of us, simply a huge challenge. And I think the organizers have made extensive efforts. We all worked hard and everything has turned out well," said the head of European football.

According to Michel Platini, the biggest problem for the organizers was the lack of experience on the part of Ukrainian and Poles of conducting such large-scale events. However, with the support of European experts and their own efforts both countries have completed the preparations in time for Euro 2012. "Poland and Ukraine are holding the European Football Championship for the first time. They had a lot to build from scratch and many problems to solve during the crisis. We had our fears as to whether everything will be done on time - to build railway stations and open airports - but we coped with all challenges. Preparations for the tournament became a real impulse for the development of both countries, because all that was built for Euro will remain for the people", the UEFA president said.

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