Ukrainians are friendly and amiable people, and staying in this country during Euro-2012 is an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with a new culture, to see impressive football duels and to have a nice time, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

This statement has been made by the leader of the English national team’s fan club, Mark Perryman, in his comments to the Press Association news agency on reports by British journalists about problems of racism in Ukraine.

According to him, the English media, having launched a campaign to discriminate Ukraine, demonstrated a lack of professionalism and bias. “We are unhappy with the way this grand event which the European Championship is has been covered. If there are racist offences against our players or the team’s fans, we shall be the first ones to complain about them. But we do not believe that Ukrainians are racists. I think the fears of English people about visiting Ukraine are in vain,” the leader of the English fans emphasized.

He added that representatives of the official fan club of the English national team will support their favourites in Ukraine wearing T-shirts with the inscription “Budmo!” (“Cheers!”), and will also meet with their Ukrainian counterparts. “We are looking forward to a meeting with Ukrainian fans in order to learn about Ukraine. It is possible to see many interesting things here,” the fan summed up.