Views of Ihor Surkis and Josef Sabo on the development of “Dynamo” have become different. The Kyiv club president came over to the side of critics, who claimed that all the problems of “Dynamo” are connected with unskillful managers, and decided to sack three chiefs.

“They have no chance to remain! They will leave during the winter low season”, Ihor Surkis cut short in a telephone conversation with “Gazeta 24” daily. – “I have a very good attitude to Sabo, Buryak, and Bazylevych. But each of them must be busy with his affairs”.

Even the Sunday victory over the principle rival of “Dynamo”, “Shakhtar”, could not smooth over the failed performance at the internal arena, and four fiascos in the Champions League.

Speaking about 67-year old vice-president and ex-trainer of “Dynamo”, who has been in a hospital for a week already due to his heart illness, he wished him good health and recommended to think about retiring on pension. “Buriak may continue his coach career.

I hope his experience may help some club”, Surkis added. Leonid Buriak, 54, has not been practical coach since 2005, when he yielded his job to Anatoliy Demyanenko and transferred to the post of “Dynamo” sports director.

“Dynamo” already has an Italian specialist on physical training. We need another 5 coaches to gym, and 10 to field – they will be. The most important is that they know what to do and that it bring results”, I.Surkis stressed.