Famous coach, who recently headed Kyiv “Dynamo” soccer club, answered questions of “Komsomolka” readers.

The coach said about his attitude to alcohol drinks: “I do not drink much alcohol. I may drink some wine or champagne on holidays, as all normal people do”.

Speaking about his team, the coach noted it is up to their internal discipline. “I think that they also drink light wine, some champagne, maybe, beer. I guess, if they keep within limits, everything is normal for the organism, as well as for the regime”, he said.

The coach disclosed he prefers a team discipline, which must be both external and during trainings.

“I use foul language. I try not to do it, but situations happen, you know…” Syomin said.

The coach likes Kyiv: “A beautiful city, very clean, modern, people smiling on the streets. In Moscow there are more people, cars, traffic jams. I have already adapted and feel myself very comfortable. A good cuisine, perfect base, great fields”.