On Saturday, Feb 24, the Ukrainian Army recorded no shellings by militants in the Donbas war zone.

"Since day-start, the ceasefire has prevailed along the entire contact line in eastern Ukraine, according to the latest report.

"As of 18:00, there have been no shellings on our strongpoints, while the Ukrainian army strictly has adhered to the Minsk accords. The situation in the area of the anti-terrorist operation is under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Combat units performing their tasks on the first line of defense retain their positions and keep monitoring the adversary," the statement reads.

Read also"Disastrous scenario": Russia reacts to Donbas reintegration law being enforcedDuring yesterday's shelling by militants, power and gas supplies to Luhanske were damaged.

"Today, with the assistance of officers of the civil-military cooperation unit of the ATO Staff and representatives of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC, power and gas supplies to Luhanske, damaged in yesterday's artillery shellings by Russian mercenaries, was restored," the press center said.