Ukrainian Deputy Minister for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons George Tuka has commented on the opinion expressed by Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov that de-occupation of certain areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions should be made in stages.

"When Arsen Avakov named specific settlements or areas [Ukraine forces will be liberating first], it is supposed he had used as nothing but an example," Tuka told Hromadske Radio on April 18.

"[Donbas] is actually a huge conglomeration, where quite often one settlement is separated from another only by road signs. Sometimes two or three settlements are perceived as one. If we're talking about the town mentioned by Arsen Borysovych [Avakov], namely Horlivka, it flows into Yenakiieve. I think that this was just an example. In terms of implementation, it is virtually impossible to take Horlivka under control, leaving Yenakiieve uncontrolled," the official said.

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Read alsoAnti-Terrorist Operation in Donbas to end in May - PoroshenkoIn his opinion, the idea may be elaborated to separate occupied territories into several areas, for example, six to eight, taking them under control gradually, not just particular settlements.

"But at the same time one must understand that under any circumstances such actions will require the good will on the part of the Russian Federation," Tuka added.

He also said he opposed Avakov's proposal that Ukraine adopt a law on collaboration and collaborationists, which would define the measure of responsibility for such collaboration with the aggressors.

"Given that the law will first of all refer to those people now living in the occupied territory, in my opinion, it is better to give them a positive message rather than negative one. It's worth talking about forgiveness," he added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Avakov said he had a plan for the return of the occupied territory of Donbas to Ukraine, titled "tactics of small steps, which everyone applauds."