Russia to try to disown leaders of proxy forces in Donbas over MH17 – journalist

12:40, 01 June 2018
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Prominent Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov told Ekho Moskvy Radio that the Kremlin lost the information battle over the MH17 shot down over Donbas, and now Moscow will be looking for ways to escape responsibility. Therefore Russia will try to shift all the blame on the leaders of self-styled separatist "republics" in eastern Ukraine.

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"Here, they needed to quickly find scapegoats and make them responsible for the crime, because everything can always be explained by someone's stupid initiative. Moreover, the criminals who have seized Donbas are consumables who sooner or later must be gotten rid of anyway. And now there is an opportunity to disown them brilliantly and with a great benefit," Nevzorov said.

The Russian journalist believes Russia could set up militant leaders by accusing them of downing the plane.

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