Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

A few days ago, Ukraine Army's 24th King Danylo Separate Motorized Brigade together with a deep recon company of a separate reconnaissance battalion, pushed Russian occupation forces in Donbas a few kilometers back , thereby making an important advance, People's Deputy and coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT group Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on Facebook.

According to the MP, the latest effort resulted in completing a security circle around the town of Toretsk and forming a buffer zone around the Maiorske checkpoint crossing.  

At the same time, the settlement of Shumy and blocks of dachas [garden houses] at the said village have gone under full control of Ukraine's Joint Forces, as well as the route along the water pipe and the dacha blocks in the village of Shakhty 6-7.

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In total, Government forces have gained control of more than ten square kilometers of the territory of the so-called "gray zone."

According to the IR group, the operation had been thoroughly planned and organized, catching the enemy off guard: at night, the Ukrainian troops seized the newly equipped positions of Russian occupation forces, set up to conduct shelling of both the Joint Forces and civilians.

One Ukrainian soldier was killed during the mission as the enemy tried to repel the offensive.

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Once Ukrainian military regain control in such populated areas, all elements of Ukraine's government bodies immediately re-emerge there, the People's Deputy noted.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the occupiers are increasing combat capabilities of their advanced units. The militants have been deploying additional reserves of weapons and ammunition to areas of their advanced positions.