Officer of the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoliy Shtefan has disclosed the number of enemy losses in Donbas throughout the eight months of 2018.

"January: 47 KIAs (killed in action), 74 WIAs (wounded in action); February: 66 KIAs, 71 WIAs; March: 42 KIAs, 79 WIAs; April: 117 KIAs, 190 WIAs; May: 110 KIAs, 149 WIAs; June: 86 KIAs, 47 WIAs; July: 31 KIAs, 68 WIAs; August: 68 KIAs, 116 WIAs. In total: 567 KIAs, 894 WIAs," Shtefan wrote on Facebook.

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According to the Ukrainian officer, the figure may be higher due to the constant concealment of casualties by Russia-controlled militant leaders.

"Russian curators order to systemically lower the number of officially recognized casualties due to a small number of new 'contracted' troops and reluctance to protect the borders of the so-called 'republic'," he added.