Conducting so-called "snap elections" in ORDLO – self-proclaimed "Luhansk People's Republic" ("LPR") and "Donetsk People's Republic" ("DPR") – violates the obligations of Russia as a party to the Minsk Agreements and jeopardizes the entire Minsk process; their results will not have any legal consequences.

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"Holding so-called 'snap elections' in ORDLO violates the obligations of the Russian Federation as a party to the Minsk accords and jeopardizes the entire Minsk process. If such 'elections' are held, their results will not have any legal consequences and will not be recognized by either Ukraine or the world. Elections in ORDLO can only take place under Ukrainian law with the participation of Ukrainian parties and the media, as well as international observers, in line with OSCE standards. That is how the Minsk Accords determine the terms, under which the expression of will in ORDLO can occur. We call on the Russian side to abandon the decision, which can bring to naught hard efforts to resolve the situation," Ukrainian envoy to the TCG, ex-President Leonid Kuchma's press secretary Darka Olifer wrote on Facebook on September 19, following a meeting of The Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on the settlement of the situation in Donbas.

The official also stressed that Ukraine fulfills the commitments undertaken in the framework of the Minsk process.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the so-called elections in the unrecognized "DPR" and "LPR" in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, would be held on November 11.