Ukrainian volunteer Yuriy Mysyagin has posted on Facebook a video showing the destruction of the "Musornik" ("Trash Bin") position of Russian-led militants at Svitlodarska Duha bulge in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, by the Ukrainian K-2 combat unit of the Joint Forces' 54th Brigade.

"On that day, in addition to their destroyed positions, occupiers lost [a light armored multipurpose tractor] MTLB-ZU (the hit is visible at the end of the footage), and a bit earlier, the BMP-1 [infantry fighting vehicle]," he wrote on Facebook on November 2.

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According to the volunteer, all data on enemy losses have been confirmed. The group was for successfully hitting enemy military equipment.

Earlier, Mysyagin reported that the Ukrainian military defeated an enemy position in Donbas with two militants being wounded.