"There will not be any attempts at peace talks from our side. Now we will look at the reaction from Kyiv. They seem not to realize that we can advance on three fronts simultaneously," Zakharchenko said.

"There will be no more ceasefires, no more rotations. There will be an exchange of prisoners, because we need to release our guys that are in captivity," he said.

He also said the militants plan to take control over the whole of Donetsk region.

"We will strike out until we reach the border of the Donetsk region. If I see any threat to the Donetsk area from any settlement, I will destroy the threat where it is," Zacharchenko said.

The militants in the east of Ukraine have stepped up their military operations since Orthodox Christmas on January 7. The number of attacks on the positions of Ukrainian army and settlements has increased dramatically, with dozens of civilians being killed in Donetsk alone over the last two weeks.