Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak does not rule out full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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"Unfortunately, such a threat [full-scale invasion] exists. And one of the reasons why it was necessary to impose martial law was a threat of open aggression. What is the problem? Today, Russia has amassed 26 battalion-tactical groups on the border with Ukraine, and [has added] another three, i.e. [it's] 29 now. These are almost 100,000 people. But these are not just unprepared, untrained people who have gathered there. These are people who have been trained, who have undergone joint combat training," he told TV Channel Pryamiy.

"They have certain reserves – ammunition, fuel and food to launch large-scale military aggression. According to intelligence data, they do not have [troops] on the border for the whole territory of Ukraine, but they are capable of strengthening the grouping on the border very quickly and significantly. And they do that every day, transferring planes closer to the border, deploying tanks on our borders, new units," Poltorak said.