According to Matiuhin, on January 27, after 1800 the militants continued to fire various types of weapons on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces and the villages.

In particular, the Russian-backed militants fired mortars and artillery on the villages of Shastya, Stanytsia Luhanska, Olkhove, Sokolnyky, Triokhizbenka, Krymske and Makarove in Luhansk region. The villages of Nyzhnie and Teple were fired on by Grad multiple rocket launchers.

The villages of Hranitne, Opytne, Pisky, marinka and Slavne were fired on by mortars and artillery twice from Donetsk.

"There were two military clashes near the villages of Pisky, Vodiane and Novobahmutivka from 2230 to 0045. The armed groups were fired on by Ukrainian servicemen and retreated," Matiuhin said.

"The militants also fired mortars on three villages near Debaltseve, and fired Grad rockets on Debaltseve and Chornukhyne. Ukrainian soldiers opened fire in response, suppressing enemy firing points," he added.

"In general, there have been 126 attacks of the Russian-backed militants on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces in the last day. But the night in Mariupol was calm," Matiuhin said.