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Some military experts were pointed out that in the event of active hostilities, Russia might use Ka-52 helicopters to destroy surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites in the South of Ukraine.

Babak Taghvaee, a military analyst based in Malta, claimed in a tweet that at least several consecutive days the 3rd Squadron of the 39th Helicopter Aviation Regiment has practiced Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) mission using Ka-52 attacks helicopters, according to Defence Blog.

He added: “It means, in case of war with Ukraine, its 16 Ka-52s might be used to destroy SAM sites near the frontline.”

During a SEAD mission, pilots fly into enemy airspace to find and suppress surface-to-air missile systems, radars on the ground. This unique mission set is important because without it all the other aircraft are essentially unprotected from surface-to-air missiles.

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In modern warfare SEAD missions can constitute as much as 30% of all sorties launched in the first week of combat and continue at a reduced rate through the rest of a campaign.

The Russian Ka-52 attacks helicopters from Dzhankoy airbase in Crimea could pose a real threat to Ukraine’s South regions.

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian armed forces already have been placed on a full alert amid situation in the Kerch Strait and the attack on Ukrainian warships.