The Ukrainian Navy have launched tactical exercises involving Marines and first-stage operational reserves.

"The Ukrainian Navy started company tactical exercises of the Marine Corps and the operational reserve of the first stage," the Navy Command press service wrote on Facebook.

According to the Navy Command, the military are working out landing of an airborne assault force, an airstrike on naval targets, engaging a conditional enemy by artillery forces, and de-blocking along the coastline.

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In turn, exercise chief, Colonel Andriy Hnatov, noted that the personnel had completely coped with the tasks set before them and is ready to protect the country's territorial integrity.

The next stage of coordination will be the battalion-tactical exercises of the operational reserve and the Marine brigade.

As UNIAN reported earlier, after the Russian attack on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait area, from November 26, martial law was imposed for 30 days in 10 regions of Ukraine located along the Russian border and the Transnistrian segment of the Ukraine-Moldova border, as well as along the Black and Azov coastlines.