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The results of an OSCE investigation at the scene of the attack were given in a brief report by its special monitoring mission in Kramatorsk, Ukrainian online newspaper reported.

"According to the special monitoring mission, three shells were 300mm ammunition fired from BM-30 Smerch [rockets],” the OSCE said.

“Based on observations on the ground, photographs and a map analysis, the mission has determined that the [rocket were launched] from the south-southeast direction. The special monitoring mission has not yet carried out an analysis of the [impact] craters for safety reasons," the report reads.

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Ukrainian government has said the Smerch rockets were fired from the militant-held town of Horlivka, about 90 kilometers to the south-southeast. Smerch rockets have a maximum range of 90 kilometers.

Video and photographic evidence from the attack indicates that the Smerch rockets had cluster munition warheads.