Ukrainian volunteer activist Yuriy Mysiahin has told in details about Ukraine army's crushing blow on enemy's positions, releasing the relevant footage showing an artillery strike.

"Luhansk region. Operation 'Payback.' Full version. We didn't start this. The brigade has just recently deployed on these positions. They hadn't even studied the area. On January 25, 2019, the invaders blew up an Ural truck of the 54th Brigade, using an ATGM (anti-tank grenade launcher). A Ukrainian soldier was killed and another four were wounded," he said.

"The operation was carefully planned. The K-2 battle group from the 54th brigade carefully collected all the information about the site located near the town of Zolote... All the work went so quietly that the enemy felt no threat," the volunteer said.

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Mysiahin noted the anti-aircraft gun was put in an "absolutely stupidly made" caponier installed on a truck. Camouflage nets were missing.

"And their command post was located in non-reinforced trailers," he said.

The anti-aircraft gun and a military KAMAZ truck were destroyed in a targeted hit.

"One of the security forces' vehicles was completely destroyed by a direct hit. By the way, there were no reports on them being deployed for a long time. Two cars, most likely, cannot be restored either... The command post was annihilated, partly with personnel," the volunteer added.

Of 12-14 people who were there at that moment, only eight to nine people managed to cross into the shelter across the road. The rest remained inside. They will no longer be able to fight against Ukraine since the command post has been completely wiped out by two Ukrainian 'birdies'," Mysiahin said.

"The operation took 10-12 minutes. The command post was completely disabled. Those eliminated and wounded were taken to the nearest morgue and hospital. All destroyed equipment was evacuated at night by tractors," he said.