The Ukrainian military has conducted drills in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, using Uragan multiple launch rocket systems.

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"According to an order issued by Commander of the Joint Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Nayev, rocket artillery units were trained to operate Uragan multiple launch rocket systems at a training range in the Joint Forces Operation zone," the JFO's press center reported.

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The rocket artillery unit trained in reaching a firing site and aiming a target. The servicemen coped with the task, having demonstrated professionalism.

The Uragan is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system designed in the Soviet Union. The Uragan is capable of launching 220 mm rockets from 16 launch tubes mounted on the rear of a ZIL-135 8x8 chassis. A full salvo of 16 rockets can be fired in 20 seconds and can engage targets within a range of 35 kilometers.

The system is designed to defeat various targets: open and sheltered troops; unarmored, light armored and armored vehicles of motorized infantry and tank squadrons; artillery units; tactical missiles; anti-aircraft guns.