Photo from UNIAN

Observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission say they have spotted 22 Grad multiple rocket launchers in the occupied part of Donbas.

The Mission’s spot report as of 19:30, Feb 28, published on the OSCE website today, says the observers continued to monitor the withdrawal of weapons in implementation of the Memorandum and the Package of Measures and its Addendum on withdrawal of tanks with up to 100mm weapons.

In particular, in areas beyond control of Ukrainian government, weapons were spotted that were deployed in violation of coordinates defined for their withdrawal.

On February 28, the SMM recorded "22 multiple launch rocket systems (BM-21 Grad, 122mm) near Katerynivka (formerly Yuvileine, 8km west of Luhansk)".

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Indications were seen of military and military-type presence in the security zone.

In areas beyond government control, on February 27, an SMM short-range unmanned aerial vehicle spotted an APC (BTR variant) in the yard of an apparently abandoned building on the northern edge of Dovhe (22km north-west of Luhansk), as well as a previously observed extensive trench system and an anti-aircraft gun (ZU-23, 23mm) mounted on an APC (MT-LB M) near the village.

As UNIAN reported earlier, OSCE SMM recorded the deployment of self-propelled and towing howitzers, tanks of various modifications, and mortars in the occupied part of Donbas.