"The militants continue to concentrate their forces and equipment in the direction of Mariupol near the villages of Oktiabr, Zaichenko and Bezimenne,” Tymchuk wrote.

“One part of their forces and equipment is being moved from the north of the village of Telmanove, while another part comes from the Russian Federation," he said.

According to Tymchuk, there are 550-600 militants, 15 tanks, about 25 armored combat vehicles, 20 vehicles, more than 15 cannon artillery units and eight “nomadic” multiple launch rocket systems in this area.

"The main direction of the militant attacks is the village of Shyrokyne. They are also active in the direction of Pavlopil," he said.

According to Tymchuk, after the militants recently failed to oust the Ukrainian units from their positions in the village of Shyrokyne, their command decided to carry out regrouping of their task forces in this region.